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ESP is ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified


ESP's mission is to work for our customers as their partners, to deliver the best combination of price, quality, and service.

  • Faster delivery than the manufacturer
  • Faster delivery than other distributors
  • Locating obsolete parts
  • Locating allocated devices
  • Offering substitute parts or equivalents
  • Scheduling "Last Time" and "End of Life" buys
  • Re-screening parts-Military, Industrial or Commercial
  • Tape and Reeling
  • Component Kitting

Fast Supply Chain Solutions

Lifecycle extension by sourcing of hard to find, obsolete or long lead time parts.
LTB (Last Time Buy) options available.

Inventory Solutions

Has excess inventory become your issue? Excess or idle inventory is an expense that no customer of ESP has to experience.
After identifying your goal ESP will come up with a solution unique to your business.

Contact ESP for Sub Contract Assembly

We provide in house circuit board assembly-including PCB Design-and cable assemblies.
Specializing in thru hole PC assembly. We prep, assemble, wave solder circuit boards & OEM sub-assemblies.

Convert Obsolete or Idle Inventory to Cash

In addition to supplying semiconductor and other industrial electronic components, ESP has developed and implemented several types of Asset Management and Inventory Recovery Programs. After we review your unique company goals we can design a specific plan whether to sell, consign or hold your valued assets.

Please contact us for more information.